Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Curbside Shopping is the best

Love this ladder and the detailing on the hinge. And the price was right. We have about three or four of these kicking around and use them at shows with barn board between the rungs to create shelves. All found curbside or bought for pennies at yard sales.

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  1. Hey, Yank.. when the urge hits you to do the "salvage shuffle", drop us a line over in our Antiques Recyclers - Salvage Chic group.

    The more people think like this, the less stuff we see going to the dump.

    And besides it so cool to see the stuff re-used, rather than recycled.

    Ladders like this go to the city dump every day, to be chopped up into small wood fibres for ---- wait for it ---- MULCH.

    There is always time to turn it into mulch, of course, and if someone with your rep re-uses these, it can only lead others onto the high road instead.

    Drop in, free go join, and you never know, some cool stuff turns up maybe giving you ideas too.