Saturday, July 4, 2009

Campaign Bed

I've always had a weakness for campaign furniture: chairs, table, beds and so on that were portable; easily folded, enabling them to be moved from place to place during a military campaign. Or safari.

This cast iron, full double bed was shown today at the Flamboro Antique Show at its Milton location. It still hadn't sold when we left and was very reasonably priced at under $300.00. A few years ago it would have quickly sold for $1200.00

As much as I loved it, I don't have the room or the customers any more.

On the drive home we stopped at a yard sale and bought a straw covered jug. When I started to clean it out it seemed as though something was stuck in there. Shining a light in, I saw some rope and got the the little grabber tool to get it out.

Not a rope.

Other people find gold, diamonds, good stuff. I bought a bottle of snake wine. Sorry, I didn't take any pics, I just tossed it. I'm not particularly squeamish, we've dealt in taxidermy and medical oddities, but I still tossed it.

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